Florida Futsal Association

Online Monitor Course


Course Overview

Course of 65 hours of lessons, offered by the Training Area ANEFS. It consists of different modules or courses that allow students to enter all concepts and tasks of the futsal coach.
Aimed at all those who wish to start training technical and tactic of our sport, which will provide adequate basic training in order to find and develop the basic principles of sports training in futsal, and that allow assume and carry out the responsibilities as first base coach teams.

The course consists of 65 teaching hours divided among the following subjects:

– Technique: Individual and collective (10 hours)
– Tactics: Strategy and systems (10 hours)
– Sports training (10 hours) (physical preparation)
– Rules of the Game (10 hours)
– Sports medicine (5 hours)
– Psychology ( applied) (5 hours)
– Methodology (applied) (5 hours)
– team management (5 hours)
– Sports Rules (5 hours)

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